Detox Drinks
to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Supreme Klean Detox Drink
High level of toxins; Customers who have been exposed to high concentrations of toxins for a prolonged period of time, possess extremely high toxin levels. Consumption of drugs for three periods or more generally leads to increase in toxin levels in the body. In such a case, one should use Fast Flush herbal capsules or Power Flush Herbal tea before having Supreme Klean 1 hour liquid detox. For best results, complete the detox procedure by taking Fast Flush capsules or Power Flush at least one hour before using Supreme Klean detox drink. This process initially excretes out harmful toxins from the body and then contains remaining toxins.
Achieving Optimal Results
For best results it is essential to abstain from the use of toxins and unnecessary medication 24 to 72 hours before consuming Supreme Klean 1 hour liquid detox. Although drinking plenty of water prior to taking a drug test does help in removing a great deal of contaminants from the body, it still is not a fool proof method of pass a drug test. Avoid taking alcohol within 24 hours of consuming the Supreme Klean drink as it will dehydrate the body. If you are dehydrated, this product might not be very effective in flushing toxins.
Money back guarantee
There is money back guarantee given on the Supreme Klean 1 hour liquid detox that is unmatched in the market. In case any of our customers is unhappy with the quality of product, the manufacturer will issue them a refund of up to 500 percent on the M.S.R.P. Supreme Klean detox drink is the ‘ultimate line of detox products that is capable of producing amazing results. This kind of guarantee shows the confidence we have in our range of detox products.
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