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We specialize in a wide range of drug testing Procedures including random and specific exams such as hair drug test, blood drug exam, saliva drug test, urine drug test etc. Made from the most natural ingredients maintaining high purity, Pass USA products cleanse your body naturally and very effectively without leaving a trace of any damaging chemicals – a facility which you’ll hardly find in our competitor’s product lines. We have the best possible detox products just for you which certainly won’t let you down..


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The site has a wide range of products that clients can use and it the effort to pass a drug test. They have fast acting short term pass-drug-test strategies and solutions to complex, long-term solutions which are structured in the form of programs. The methods we cover are; urine test, which is the most common one, blood test, saliva test, which is rapidly gaining a place in the drug testing field as a confirmatory test, then drug cleanser.

Information on all of these is available here on the site.


Hair Drug Testing Shampoo

Our products are made from the most natural ingredients available. We value your business, and we are at your service in order to ensure you come back to us again and again. Pass USA is dedicated to supporting you with drug testing that can involve testing for drugs in hair, urine, saliva or blood. We can also assist you with random drug tests.

Get through a hair drug test with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo by clearing out most of the toxins in your hair.


Pass Drug Test Products

Our Products are also outlined to give the user/buyer the most important and prompting information. The outline, which is shown on the home page of the website, contains the period of action and the test medium. For example, eight hours for the pass urine drug test detox drink. In addition to the outline, they provide a link for more information about the product.

Mikes Macujo Method
Mikes Macujo Method designed to remove any drug from your hair folicle while the original Macujo Method could eleminate certain level of Marijuana - THC from your hair
To find out more about Mikes Macujo Method, Google or Youtube "mikes macujo method" Visit!

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We’re here to help, and we hope you’ll take advantage of that. Do you Have questions about any of our products or your specific situation? Want to know what you need to do if a drug test is coming up for you? Our support personal can answer them and guide you through the right purchasing process to determine which product is right for you, from nine a.m. to midnight. As we are based in the U.S we can assist you even after you’ve made your purchases. Feel free to contact us through through either our contact page or by calling our toll free number.